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Canadian customers can now purchase these awesome Master Formula products in Canada and have them shipped to your location through Canada Post, Greyhound, UPS, FedEx or via truck (shipping charges may apply)

We are located in Edmonton and our warehouse can ship next day. All our products are priced in Cdn $ and we have a "satisfaction or your money back" guarantee.

Our Products:

Matte Elegance Protector *NEW*

Matte Gentle Wash *NEW*

Matte Spot Remover *NEW*

Luxury Interior Guard *NEW*

Tire Sheen *NEW*

Sealer Gloss

Metal Gloss Polish

Paint Cleaner Gloss

Xtreme Gloss

Lens Gloss


I bought this stuff at a gun show last weekend. The demo on it tree was amazing. This stuff was polishing Pepsi cans to mirror finish and then sealing it up waterproof. I brought it home to test it out before I use it to clean up my poorly neglected chrome on my motorcycle. The most amazing thing I have seen it do is in my shower. We have an aluminum framed glass shower door and seriously hard water. We have searched far and wide for something that could take that lime off of the aluminum. We have used several things, and only CLR had worked before with a LOT of elbow grease and time. I put a little drop if this polish on a rag, and the lime literally just wiped away in a few swipes. No pressure, just a little rubbing. So I decided since it worked so well on the aluminum, I'd try it on the glass. It actually worked better on the glass! And it did no damage whatsoever because it doesn't use polishing grit. It just took the calcium deposits straight off with no effort. I then used it to polish all of our gold jewelry, and the same result- mirror finish in no time. This stuff is worth the money. It really takes no effort at all to get an amazing polished finish. I'm literally searching my house for oxidized metals just to see it do its work. It's truly amazing.

Brandon D

Amazing i mean just plain and simple amazing this stuff really works. If you have any kind of chrome are aluminium this product will blow your mind.

Mr. Smith

Have used this product for a few years, tried others and this is the best I've found.

B Renteria

So I love everything about this product I received it less than a week after ordering it,and since we had a horrible winter the rims on my truck were so dirty water alone would not remove it, but this product is amazing they look almost new,


The best I have ever used.

C Winters

At a recent Hot Rod Auto Show, I spotted a old beer keg at a vendor's booth, polished to a chrome finish. I stopped to listen and watch his demo – very impressive. I bit the bullet and bought the products. I polished my wheels a couple weeks ago to a brilliant shine. Even my buddies spotted my wheel shine when I pulled up for a ride. Is the shine from Master Formula far superior from any other quality polishes? Maybe not. But what is superior, is the ease of use and the one year guaranty of shine. Step #1 is to apply the Metal Gloss, which goes on with easy. The Metal Gloss uses a high grade jewellers rouge and chemical action to remove oxidation – rather than harsh abrasives. The Metal Gloss was a little hard to buff off completely? Then step #2 is to apply the Sealer Gloss. The Sealer Gloss just wipes on, but also removes all remaining oxidation and polish from the pores of the metal. An easy buff removal of the Sealer Gloss and your wheels are like new. I am impressed!

Good day, I am writing to speak about my experience with your products, in particular, the metal cleaner and protector. I did research online and stumbled onto your product line. It had high reviews so I contacted Glenn here in Edmonton. I met up with him and after a demo of how to use the products I paid and headed home to try it on my fiancée's Harley Softail Slim. I took some before pictures to see how well the products work. The labor part of applying the products wasn't too difficult or hard and the results were amazing! My fiancée was very impressed and has been telling his friends and coworkers about how great this product worked on his bike. He was amazed at the before and after pictures. Thank you Glenn for your honesty and for taking the time to explain and show how to properly use the product. I plan on trying more of your products as I am impressed already with the durability, results and cost of the metal gloss.

Sincerely, Lisa G