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We are located in Edmonton and our warehouse can ship next day. All our products are priced in Cdn $ and we have a "satisfaction or your money back" guarantee.

Our Products:

Matte Elegance Protector *NEW*

Matte Gentle Wash *NEW*

Matte Spot Remover *NEW*

Luxury Interior Guard *NEW*

Tire Sheen *NEW*

Sealer Gloss

Metal Gloss Polish

Paint Cleaner Gloss

Xtreme Gloss

Lens Gloss



Metal GlossMaster Formula Metal Gloss polishes aluminum and stainless steel to look like chrome. It makes chrome look like glass, brass look like gold, and polishes gold and silver to an amazing high gloss.

Metal Gloss was formulated with the latest technology in polishing science. The formula was created using jewelers rouges and originally designed to polish the most expensive precious metals in the world: gold, silver, platinum and several others.

The challenge was to create a formula powerful enough for stainless steel and aluminum yet smooth enough to leave even the finest chrome without a mark or scratch. Our achievment is the creation of the ultimate metal polish, METAL GLOSS

Our customers are enjoying amazing results on motorcycles, classic cars and big rigs. Metal Gloss was also designed for the "easy application" demands of our new generation. No longer do we have to spend hours polishing and buffing the chrome. Everyone wants something easy to use, with an effortless wipe off that leaves the surface with flawless reflections.

Master Formula Metal Gloss
does all that and more. Hundreds of thousands of people have used our products and loudly testify that Master Formula is by far, the finest metal polish that can be used on a large number of different metals. If you haven't seen or had the pleasure of using this amazing product we invite you to try a bottle. Remember you have nothing to loss your absolute satisfction is guarenteed.

Available in  12 oz bottles.                        Price:  $ 22.95         

Metal Sealer Master Formula Metal Sealer Gloss is a glossy protective coating designed to protect your polished metal surfaces from spots stains and oxidation for up to one full year.

Until now, most polished metals required constant polishing to maintain their shine. Many people polished their metals, (aluminum wheels etc.) every weekend. Classic car, and "show bike" owners, were often reported as polishing their wheels before and after each and every show.
Our research has shown that excessive polishing with poor polishes degrades the metal's finish. They leave a hazy build-up of bruises and fine scratches that over a period of time will look dull.
Even though our Metal Gloss metal polish leaves a flawless finish, we at Master Formula believe that excessive polishing is out-dated.
Master Formula Metal Sealer Gloss provides an easily maintained, glossy protective coating. When dirty. Simply wash, rinse and wipe off.
If your wheels are expensive we know you want them looking good every day, not just the day they are polished. If so, Master Formula Metal Sealer Gloss was formulated for you. It's the quick, simple, easy to use solution for the long lasting look of extreme gloss.
Directions for application: Shake thoroughly. Apply Metal Sealer Gloss with a soft clean cloth. Apply generously. Allow plenty of time to dry (two minutes or more) then easily buff to a mirror finish. That's all there is to it! Do not apply on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Future removal of road grim, bugs, tar, tree sap is much easier when surface is sealed with Master Formula Sealer Gloss. For maintenance, use Master formula Quick Gloss between washing.

Available in 12 oz Bottles                                Price: $ 22.95         

Cleaner GlossMaster Formula Cleaner Gloss was designed to remove oxidation from painted surfaces. The sun’s rays will corrode anything on the planet.

Through time, the aging process begins on painted surfaces rather quickly. A car only two years old may still be considered new, but there is already a difference in the paint’s finish. It’s no longer silky smooth. If you lightly feel it with your fingernails, it will send a tingle up your spine.

Noticeably, it’s worse on the hood, trunk, and top than on the side because the sun shines directly from the top.

Master Formula Cleaner Gloss was designed to clean away the rough build-up of oxidation on painted surfaces. It polishes to an extreme silky smooth finish. This scientific formula efficiently cleans the surface and restores the gloss. That’s why it was named “Cleaner Gloss”. Whether oxidation is just beginning or has reached an advanced stage. Master Formula Cleaner Gloss will restore the surface to its original slick and glossy finish.

After polishing with Cleaner Gloss, be sure to seal the new surfaces with Master Formula Sealer Gloss for long lasting protection and water beading.

Available in 12oz. Bottles.     Price:  $ 22.95         

Paint Sealer Gloss Master Formula Paint Sealer polishes, seals and protects any painted surface. More than that it leaves an extreme high gloss that will bead water up to one full year.

Our goal in designing Paint Sealer Gloss was to achieve a protective coating that was strong enough to act as a barrier against the millions of airborne particles that damage paint, and also protect against the oxidizing rays of the sun. At the same time the formula needed to exhibit an extreme gloss.

Paint Sealer Gloss excels in the protection and gloss effect. Coupled with the fact that is extremely easy to apply makes it a joy to use and maintain your paints lok for up to a year. The main key to using this product is to give it plenty of drying time after you apply it. The protective coating is formed all by itself while drying. Afterwards, you simply wipe off the powder, and discover the extreme gloss. This is science at its best.

Paint Seal Gloss is second to none. Our customer attest to the ease of use, the fantastc shine and they are raving about its results. Join the thousands that are extremely satisified with this product and see teh results your self. Your friends will let you know as they stare at the shine on your vehicle. As with all our products your absolute satisfaction is guarenteed.

Available in 12 oz. bottles                 Price:    $ 22.95

Cleaner GlossMaster Formula Xtreme Gloss Cleaner was designed to satisfy the demands of a new generation. Instant perfection without the compromise is required by a growing number of people.

Our goal was to design a formula capable of polishing a car to an extreme high gloss in less than 10 minutes. It has to have flawless reflections and with no swirls, streaks, or spots and most important be effortless to use.

The result of Master Formula's research is the achievment of Master Fomula Xtreme Cleaner Gloss. This new spray-on polish produces a wet-look gloss with flawless reflections like a mirror. It's so easy to use, its almost fun.

We added some unique characteristics to the formula to enhance the waswe of application and insure the gloss. When you spray it onto a surface, simple smooth it out and it begines to evaporate, streak-free, as you wipe it off.

Master Formula Cleaner Gloss was also formulated to be used on aluminum and chrome.It's excellent for removing brake dust and giving wheels that quick extreme gloss between poilish jobss.

Anoth great product with the absolute satisifaction guartentee.

Avaialbe in 32 oz/946ml bottles        Price: $ 22.95         

Description of Picture.MASTER FORMULA Lens Gloss is a creation we designed in response to customer requests. The desire for perfection has risen to focus on polishing accessories. Headlights and turn signals now need the same extreme gloss wet look of the rest of the vehicle.

At trade shows where we test marketed our line of products; customers repeatedly asked if we had a product that would polish their headlamps, stop lights, or turn signals.

We realized these plastic items needed polishing because, like paint, they were also oxidizing. Fortunately, our experience in research on polishing oxidized surfaces offered a wealth of formulas to begin with. What we ended with was the creation of Lens Gloss.

Lens Gloss cleans and polishes glass, plastic, and fiberglass to an amazing high gloss on new vehicles. It restores the surface on older vehicles, removing oxidation and that hazy dullness. It leaves a clear, wet look gloss. It's great for use on emergency vehicle red lights, brake lights, turn signals, and headlamps.

 So now when you need to polish your plastic accessories we can offer you Lens Gloss. If you're one of those perfectionists who are now focusing on your accessories, you'll be happy to try our new creation of Lens Gloss. We know you'll love it.

Available in  12 oz bottles.                        Price:  $ 22.95         

Description of Picture.MASTER FORMULA   Elegance Protector The latest discovery in the auto appearance market is the bold and beautiful matte finished paint. This new technology presented some challenges in caring for and maintaining that smooth even matte finish.

Most car soaps are forbidden because they leave shiny spots that ruin the matte look. Waxes and polishes are out of the question for the same reason. We won't bore you with the science behind this dilemma or the list of cautions regarding the matte finished paints. Rather, let us unveil a new line of products that are safe, effective and powerful.

They are the result of many months of painstaking work by our team here at Master Formula. Master Formula has designed a dedicated line of (3) three products for the care and maintenance of matte finished paints. The technologies in these formulations are designed to work together and contain everything necessary for care and maintenance during the life of the paint. These special formulations use no creams or pastes. They require no buffing, and are fun and easy to use.

By applying new technology, we designed these products to make the care and maintenance of your new matte finishes easier than and just as effective as caring for high gloss finishes. We invite you to try it with our guarantee of your absolute satisfaction or your money back.

1. Matte Quick Spot Remover: dissolves and cleans bugs, tar, road grime, bird droppings, and more

2. Matte Gentle Wash: a car washing shampoo especially formulated for matte finishes

3. Matte Elegance Protector: an invisible water proof barrier that protects from oxidation and preserves the beautiful matte look

Available in 16 oz  - 448 ml bottles.             Price:  $ 22.95 each

Tire Sheen MASTER FORMULA   Master Formula Tire Sheen is an exciting new formula for dressing tires. Many companies seem to be competing to see who can produce the highest gloss on tires. we at master Formula believe that look to be definitely out dated.

Additionally, the problem of static electricity continues to plague other formulas. Whenever the tires roll they attracted dirt and dust. Tire sheen is a new wipe on, walk away formula with the latest look. Just wipe it on and walk away. Simple as that. It leaves a beautiful low sheen, the perfect new tire look.

This formula has all the latest technology. It protects the tire with a waterproof barrier that repels dust and dirt by reversing the static electricity. Master Formula Tire sheen is a gel not a spray, so there's no overspray onto other parts of the wheel.

It's easy and takes only seconds to apply. Put a generous amount onto a clean dry cloth then onto your tire. Apply evenly and smooth. That's it. You're done. Nothing is easier. Nothing lasts longer and nothing looks so good as our Master Formula Tire Sheen.

Try it for yourself and you'll see what we're all so excited about.

Available in 12 oz  - 354 ml bottles.             Price:  $ 22.95 each        

Interior Guard MASTER FORMULA   Master Formula's Luxury Interior guard treatment insures the elegance you deserve in your new car. It seals and waterproofs the interior cabin with an invisible barrier that protects against staining from wet or dry sources.

Your Luxury Interior Guard treatment repels both oil-borne and water-borne stains, including grease, chemicals, even sun stains. It comes with a five year warranty to preserve the "fresh new" look of your carpets and seats. Great for fabric and leather not previously treated but also gives added protection to surfaces previously treated at the mill or manufacturers.

Nothing is more disappointing than the surprise of an accidental spill or stain on your new carpets or seats. Now there's no need to worry. Be fully assured with Luxury Interior Guard by Master Formula

Try it for yourself and you'll see what we're all so excited about.

Available in 12 oz  - 354 ml bottles.             Price:  $ 22.95 each