Canadian Home

Canadian customers can now purchase these awesome Master Formula products in Canada and have them shipped to your location through Canada Post, Greyhound, UPS, FedEx or via truck (shipping charges may apply)

We are located in Edmonton and our warehouse can ship next day. All our products are priced in Cdn $ and we have a "satisfaction or your money back" guarantee.

Our Products:

Matte Elegance Protector *NEW*

Matte Gentle Wash *NEW*

Matte Spot Remover *NEW*

Luxury Interior Guard *NEW*

Tire Sheen *NEW*

Sealer Gloss

Metal Gloss Polish

Paint Cleaner Gloss

Xtreme Gloss

Lens Gloss


List of Dealers

Glen Bosecke
470-52319 Range Road 231
Sherwood Park, AB

Tel: 780-499-9876

Glenn Krause
Edmonton, AB

Tel: 780-991-6540

Terry Kalaman
Edmonton, AB

Tel: 780-691-7658

Novus Auto Glass
260 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 2N4

Tel: 780-691-7658